The Vintage Photo Booth

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Our one of a kind Vintage Photo Booth is our hard enclosed, classy style, photo booth. This booth features a seat for the guests and additional standing room in the back. The vintage booth gives you the full, real, photo booth experience. This booth also creates a lot of excitement with the outside monitor displaying a live feed.   

Its vintage look mixed in with the latest technology is sure to impress your guests. We use top of the line equipment that together produces top quality photos.
Inside this vintage style booth is an interactive flat screen panel that gives off a live feed of the guest during the snapshots and also gives them instructions and a countdown.  

On the outside of the vintage booth is a 24" flat screen that feeds off a live view of the guest inside the booth for everyone outside to see. This feature can be removed upon request but we have found out that it is a major plus to use.

When the guest are finished, 2x6 photo strips are then printed out by our top of the line fastest printer on the market. All of this put together creates a very fun and exciting memorable experience.

How it Works

Our Photo Booth will be set up in a convenient location for you and your guests. The guest will enter the booth and take directions from our interactive screen inside which tells them that is consist of 4 different shots. The screen displays a countdown before each photo is taken. Once all 4 photos are taken, as many 2x6 strips that are needed are then printed out quickly. These prints are customized at the bottom with the Bride & Grooms name and wedding date or however you would like them to be customized. If the scrapbook station is added to your package then the guests will keep a copy for themselves as a wedding favor and we will paste the other copy inside the scrapbook. The guests can then sign or write a little note to the Bride & Groom. At the end of the night you will receive this keepsake that is full of photos and notes from the guests!

We encourage you to check around and you will find out that our rates are as much as half as cheap then our competitors. Our genuine photo booth is also much more appealing and entertaining for your guests!

3 Hours or Less- $575

Additional Hours- $100 per hour

Scrapbook Station- $50

Prop Closet- Included